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Chinese name: FASCAT2001 catalyst, stannous oxalate, tin oxalate

Alias: FASCAT2001 catalyst, CAS814-94-8, stannous oxalate, stannous oxalate (II) salt, stannous oxalate (>98%, BR), tin oxalate (II) salt, tin oxalate, stannous oxalate, Tin (II) oxalate, 98%, tin oxalate (II), stannous oxalate

English name: FASCAT2001, Stannous oxalate, Ethanedioicacid, tin(2+)salt(1:1), ethanedioicacid, tin(2++)salt(1:1), oxalicacid,tin(2+)salt(1:1) , StavelancinatChemicalbooky, Fascat2001; OxalicAcidTin(2+)Salt, TinOxalate(SnC2O4), Ethanedioicacid, tinsaltoxalicacid, tinsaltstavelancinaty

Physical and chemical properties:

CAS Number: 814-94-8

Molecular formula: C2O4Sn

Molecular weight: 206.73

EINECS number: 212-414-0

Related categories: metal organics; organotin; pharmaceutical raw materials; organic chemical raw materials; catalysis and inorganicization Chemicalbook; tin; biochemical reagents; biochemical reagents-other chemical reagents; chemical reagents; additives; Organic-metalsalt; saltofanorganic acid; Aliphatics; dye intermediate body

It is soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid, but insoluble in water. Low toxicity, LD50 (rat, oral) 3620mg/kg.

Melting point 280°C(dec.)

Density 3,56g/cm3

Storage conditions Storebelow+30°C.

Solubility 0.5g/l

Shape Powder

Specific gravity 3.56

Color white

Water solubility SolubleindiluteHCl.Insolubleinwater.Solubleinacids.InsolubleinwateraChemicalbookndacetone.

Hydrolysis sensitivity 3: reactswithaqueousbaseMerck14,8786BRN3708588

CAS database 814-94-8 (CASDatabaseReference)

EPA chemical substance information Ethanedioicacid, tin(2+)salt(1:1)(814-94-8)


Esterification catalyst. Hydrogenation catalyst for coal. Printing of blueprint printing paper.

Used as fabric printing and dyeing agent and coal gasification catalyst

Storage and transportation:

It should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.


Packing: 25Kg cardboard drum.

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